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 How Accessible is Health Care in Your County?
High quality and easily accessible healthcare services are essential for the well-being of Indiana residents. Health care services also influence economic prosperity. Research has shown that availability of health care services does play a role when firms decide where to start a new business.

Health care accessibility is a multi-faceted concept. It embraces such diverse issues as whether health care is affordable or covered by health insurance, whether it is available within a reasonable travel distance, and whether it is available at all times to all people. The research reported here focuses on the geographic aspects of accessibility. Does where one lives make a difference in how easily health care facilities and physicians can be reached? In other words, does location matter when it comes to health care accessibility?

 Spatial Accessibility Of Health Care In Indiana
Healthy populations and access to health care services are significant factors influencing economic development and prosperity. Since geographic access is an essential feature of an overall health system, it is important for health service researchers to develop accurate measures of physical access to health. In this paper we develop a series of gravity-based health care accessibility measures for all the counties in Indiana. The measures go beyond local availability of health care services within a county and account for travel impedance via distance-discounted health care services accessible throughout the state.

When applied to Indiana counties, the results show sharp disparities in health care accessibility with extensive pockets of poor accessibility in rural and peripheral areas. The research concludes with a demonstration of how spatial accessibility measures can be beneficially used to evaluate of policies indicative of changes in the provision of health services.

 Healthcare Access in Indiana
Provision and access to healthcare services are essential for the well-being of a population. They are also key amenities that firms look for when selecting a new site. This report documents stark differences in the access to healthcare services across Indiana counties. In other words, where people live influences their access to health resources.

While access to healthcare services is very favorable for most urban counties, it is notably unfavorable in the rural counties along the Ohio River and in the rural northwestern counties along the border with Illinois. To improve healthcare accessibility in these counties, the report recommends enhancing healthcare services in rural areas as well as improving rural residents’ ease of access to the wealth of services in the more urban areas.