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Bringing innovative and novel robotic approaches to applications for agriculture

Purdue AGgrowBOT Competition

The goals of the AGgrowBOT program is to supply a competitive outlet for field-testing new innovations for agriculture. The program provides a supportive environment for students to test out their new ideas and BOT builds. The competition has two portions: part one is the BOT competition where teams bring an autonomous device that is able to find and eliminate weeds in field of wheat and part two, the AG-device competition where teams compete in one of four challenge areas where they will bring a device that solves a problem in agriculture. The critical difference is that only the BOT needs to be mobile, the AG-device does not need to be on a mobile platform. We hope that be eliminating the mobility aspect, we can 1) bring out more ideas, 2) lower the cost for teams to enter the event and 3) solve a number of important problems. We are seeking the best ideas for agriculture and we hope this will allow more teams to compete.

May 7 and 8, 2020

At the Agriculture Center for Research and Education (ACRE)
located at 4540 US-52, West Lafayette, IN 47906

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