Cassie Misch:

Taking the Lead in Seed

Cassie Misch​ has never considered herself a star, but her colleagues do. Named a Future Giant ofthe Seed Industry (PDF)​ for 2012 by Seed World magazine and the American Seed Trade Association's Future Seed Executives Committee, Misch is a rising leader in a field central to feeding the world's growing population.

Cassie Misch

Seed genetics is central to improving yields, thus producing more crops on less land. "Genetics is a risk-management tool," says Misch, a Purdue crop science graduate. "Diversity of genetics is important because there are so many varying environments. Different agronomic packages spread out production risk.”

There is a big learning curve in the licensing industry, so you have to take advantage of every opportunity to learn from others, says Misch. Prior to her current position as key account lead for soybeans and wheat at GreenLeaf​ Genetics, she was licensing executive and brokerage manager for JGL Inc. Gathering information from her peers and company veterans as well as participating in industry groups is how she manages the learning curve. Misch says her work on the Indiana Seed Trade Association Board, for instance, has expanded her knowledge of the industry.

This is the kind of commitment to transformative learning experiences that the College of Agriculture advocates for its students and that Marcos Fernandez, director of academic programs and associate dean of agriculture, is pleased to see still resonates with alumni like Misch.

By Cathy Lockman