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Spring 2016 Issue

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Urban Inspiration 
Multicultural Programs showcases the benefits of agricultural study to students who might not even be aware they exist.

Mean Machines 
Purdue’s top-ranked agricultural and biological engineering department emphasizes the importance of construction skills. And employers take notice.

Down to a Science 
Field research at the eight Purdue Agricultural Centers around the state helps faculty and Extension specialists find solutions to local production problems.

Starring Attraction 
Communities come together to create quilt-themed flower gardens, which attract visitors from around the globe and benefit local businesses.

Greenhouse Tomatoes in Red and Blue 
Cary Mitchell has spent a lifetime thinking about how to make plants grow more efficiently. He's now researching ways to grow tomatoes using LED lighting.

Making Fresh Food Safe Food 
A new technology that uses cold plasma to ionize air molecules in packaged fruits and vegetables may eliminate foodborne pathogens on the produce.

Web Extra - From Iceboxes to iPads 
The Indiana Extension Homemakers Association celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. Members reminisce about the history and accomplishments.

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Agricultures - Fall 2013 Issue

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Purdue Ag to receive major funding for plant sciences 

Purdue's College of Agriculture will receive more than $20 million in university funding for plant sciences research and education.

Ag students garner top senior awards

Purdue College of Agriculture alumni Gabe Rangel and Laura Donaldson come from diverse backgrounds.

Discovery of gene function may help prevent kidney stones

The discovery of a gene's function in E. coli and other bacteria might lead to a probiotic to prevent the most common type of kidney stone, according to a Purdue study.

Purdue Agriculture ranks sixth-best 

A British company that specializes in information about higher education and careers ranks the Purdue College of Agriculture sixth worldwide.

Aquaculture industry growing
in state

The business of raising fish may still be relatively small in Indiana, but it is a growing part of the state's agricultural economy.

Indiana wine wins top honors 

The top award in the 2013 Indy International Wine Competition went to an Indiana winery for the second year in a row.

Inheritance tax change helps farm beneficiaries

The repeal of Indiana's Inheritance Tax has the potential to help farm families who have valuable land, equipment and monetary assets.

Genome duplication aids plant's survival in saline soils

Having more than two sets of chromosomes can increase a plant's ability to take up nutrients and survive in saline soils.

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dean akridge  
A Message from Dean Akridge

Agricultural Research Impacts Food Production from Farm to Plate

Profile: Self-Discovery

At Purdue, Alexandria Pettigrew learned that her childhood dream of becoming a vet was just one of many career opportunities open to her.

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Web Extra - Through the Grapevine gives you the insider’s eye on Indiana grapes and wines. F​ollow this multimedia series, updated each Tuesday, and explore a host of viticulture and enology topics.