A Record Year for Popcorn

​By Keith Robinson​ - Published May 18, 2015

Indiana farmers last year planted more acres in popcorn than ever before and produced a record crop, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Farmers planted 91,000 acres of corn used to make popcorn, up 10,000 acres from 2013, according to a National Agricultural Statistics Service report produced for Purdue University.

Although the amount of Indiana acres harvested in popcorn was small compared with the 5.77 million acres in corn grown for grain, Indiana is regarded as the second-largest popcorn producer in the nation behind Nebraska.

The NASS said total Indiana production was a record 4.32 million hundredweight, or cwt, equal to 432 million pounds. That was up 16 percent from the 3.72 million cwt in 2013. The average yield of 48 cwt per acre, up 2 cwt from 2013, also was a record.​​

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Indiana farmers produce record popcorn crop