Vegetable Trials Yield Data

By Carlee Glassburn - Published May 18, 2015

Midwest Vegetable Trial Report for 2014 

Purdue Extension has released the Midwest Vegetable Trial Report for 2014, which contains 30 reports from seven la​nd-grant universities on the performance of vegetable varieties and production practices.

The variety of crops covered in the report includes Asian vegetables, cantaloupe, pepper, pumpkin, sweet corn, watermelon, broccoli, cucumber, potato, radish and tomato.

Purdue vegetable specialist Liz Maynard said vegetable growers often tell her the trial reports help them identify varieties and practices that may do well on their farm.

"While even one year's worth of data from an independent trial is valuable, the fact that reports from past years are also online means that consistency of performance from year to year can be assessed," Maynard said. "Growers also find the reports useful to get an idea of expected yield for various crops."

The publication is available free for download at Purdue Extension's The Education Store. Search for it by product code, 16-18-14-W.​​

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Purdue Extension 2014 Midwest vegetable trials report released