Publication gives gardeners tips on proper use of pesticides

By Chelsea Clodfelder - Published May 12, 2016

A hummingbird sits on a feederThe publication What Gardeners Should Know About Pesticides notes that it is important to consider surroundings and animals when using pesticides. (Photo by Fred Whitford)

A new Purdue Extension publication gives gardeners advice on use of pesticides and how to manage a successful garden and landscape.

The authors of What Gardeners Should Know About Pesticides offer tips on ensuring plant success, managing unwanted critters and choosing the right control methods.

The 64-page publication guides gardeners through the processes of personalized pest management, reducing a pest's impact on gardens and why a pesticide might not have worked. It gives advice on pesticide classifications and the safe, effective, legal use of pesticides.

"Pesticide use in the lawn, landscape and garden provides many benefits, but there are also risks," says lead author Fred Whitford, coordinator of Purdue Pesticide Programs. "You must handle pesticides with caution and understanding."

The publication is available in print for $5.50 or free for download at Purdue Extension's The Education Store.