Through the Grapevine

In this multimedia series, we give you the insider's eye on Indiana wines. Tune in each Tuesday for a snobbery-free exploration of a host of viticulture and enology topics.

​​​​​Week 6: From Vine to Wine—How Wine is Made at Purdue

By Natalie van Hoose

It's mid-October, and the grapes harvested from Purdue University's research vineyards have been trucked to Nelson Hall of Food Science where they are stored in a cooler, waiting to be processed.

In the pilot winery, enology specialist Jill Blume and her student assistants roll up the sleeves of their red coats and get down to business—destemming, crushing and pressing the dozens of grape varieties that roll through their doors. The juice is then wheeled down the hall to the enology laboratory to be cooled, fermented and racked.

In the following videos, Blume explains each step in the winemaking process for white and red grapes.

Purdue University enology specialist Jill Blume describes how white wine is made in the Purdue pilot winery.

Purdue University enology specialist Jill Blume describes how red wine is made in the Purdue pilot winery.

Members of the Purdue Wine Grape Team instruct several courses for students interested in viticulture and enology, including a wine appreciation course and a class on commerical grape and wine production. Aspiring winemakers can get hands-on experience by working in the winery and enology laboratory, as seen in the photo gallery below.

Pressing Details: Purdue Students Learn Winemaking

Credits: Photos by Tom Campbell and Natalie van Hoose. Video by Kelsey Getzin. Web version by Andrew Banta. Through the Grapevine graphic by Russ Merzdorf.

Next Tuesday: Could moderate consumption of red wine stave off Alzheimer's disease? Tune in next week for the answer as we explore wine's healthful components.

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