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Spring 2016 Issue

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Not Your Average Summer Job
Under the guidance of faculty mentors, a select group of undergraduate students spent the summer in Purdue labs, developing research skills and working on solutions to real-world problems.

Ag students with no farm experience?
We’ve got them covered
Fewer than half of Purdue University College of Agriculture undergraduate students grew up on a farm. For students who want to fill that gap, the College of Agriculture’s Office of Academic Programs and Agricultural Research at Purdue have teamed up to offer internships at Purdue farms.

► Through the Grapevine

Through the Grapevine gives you the insider’s eye on Indiana grapes and wines. F​ollow this multimedia series, updated each Tuesday, and explore a host of viticulture and enology topics.
Week 1: Getting to Know Indiana Wines
In week 1, "Getting to Know Indiana Wines," state winemakers and Purdue viticulture specialist Bruce Bordelon describe four varieties—two whites and two reds—that are putting Indiana's vineyards on the map.
Week 2: Mind the Vines—Preventing
Herbicide Drift
Week 2, "Mind the Vines—Preventing Herbicide Drift," addresses one of the challenges of growing grapes in the Midwest.
Week 3: Picking at the Peak
In week 3, Purdue experts explain how choosing the right moment to harvest wine grapes is both a science and an art.
Week 4: Serving the Nation—the History
of Indiana Winemaking
In week 4, we take a look at the industrious Swiss immigrants who built the first successful winemaking venture in America—right here in Indiana.
Week 5: Weathering Climate Change—Indiana Warms Up to Wine Grapes
Only the toughest of hybrid grape varieties thrive in Indiana's unpredictable weather. But could warmer temperatures and more frost-free days change what we grow? In week 5, learn how climate change is keeping Indiana grape growers on their toes.
Week 6: From Vine to Wine—How Wine is Made
at Purdue
Through the destemmer, crusher and press—find out how wine is made at Purdue in week 6 of Through the Grapevine.
Week 7: A Drink to Your Health
Can a glass a day keep Alzheimer's disease away? Join us this week as we explore the healthful components of wine.
Week 8: Detecting Defects
What makes for a bad bottle? Join us this week as we tackle cork taint, oxidation and other wine defects.
Week 9: Buying Wine—a Guide for the
Intimidated by wine? This week in Through the Grapevine, wine experts offer tips to put you at ease in the tasting room and the supermarket wine aisle.
Week 10: Pass the Cheer—Wine Recommendations for the Holidays
In the second part of our wine-buying guide, experts share what they will be serving their guests this holiday season.
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