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Agronomy launching into online education

Purdue University’s Department of Agronomy is expanding outreach by launching into the world of online education.  Agronomy Essentials, our inaugural online course, was designed by Purdue Professor Bruce Erickson, PhD to meet the needs of professionals in all areas of agriculture.  Beginning January 14, the non-academic 12-week course will provide a comprehensive baseline understanding of agronomy for farmers and employees of agricultural service and supply companies.  Housed on Blackboard, the course material will be available on mobile or stationary devices with internet access.  Certificates of completion will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course. Continuing education credits toward the designation of Certified Crop Advisor have been applied for and are anticipated. 

Agronomy Essentials consists of six major units of study, beginning with soil and tracing the growing process from seed selection through marketing the crop.  Each unit contains text, slides, videos, graphics, glossaries, reference material, and quizzes to test the learner’s grasp of the information.  To maximize retention of knowledge, the course includes over 100 videos that combine audio and visual learning.  Course units will be released every two weeks and will then remain online through April 8 for participants to review the material.  Agronomy Essentials promotes important knowledge that will expand the learner’s understanding and communication skills, leading to greater career effectiveness.  More knowledgeable employees will ultimately benefit employers as well.

This inaugural step in distance education will be followed by other courses to meet the needs of agricultural professionals and their employers.  In anticipation of further need for knowledge, Purdue is planning additional courses to progress agronomy education to the next level.  The online course pipeline includes two future courses, “Nutrient Management” and “Precision Farming” to be released over the next two years. 

Because of the demand for this type of baseline educational opportunity, Agronomy Essentials will be offered twice more during 2015.   


 Agronomy Distance Education

ade.jpgThe business of growing crops has become increasingly complicated in recent years, as agriculture has been challenged with growing demands to increase production while minimizing the environmental impact.  New technologies and a knowledge-based future will demand a more thorough understanding of the whole production system. 

Our world-class subject matter experts have long provided their expertise using distance education technology—by printed materials, traveling off campus to meetings and field days, through the radio and Internet.  But technology keeps providing additional capability to reach learners.  Purdue Agronomy is launching courses specifically designed to meet the needs of learners off campus.

Students enrolled in classes will work toward a Certificate of Completion that will be awarded upon the successful completion of the online quizzes and/or the final exam.  The level of proficiency to earn a certificate will be determined by the instructor.  Course content will be packaged into an online Learning Management System where students can access modules that feature recorded video segments, interactive learning tools, reading materials, graphics, and an assessment to gauge comprehension of the materials.  Courses will be offered in specific time periods, but students will be allowed the flexibility to learn on their own time and wherever they have access to the Internet through a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  



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