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Agronomy Grad Students: Trevor Frank



Trevor Frank


Area of Study

Soil Health


Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI 

Past Education:

1.      University of Wisconsin-River Falls: Bachelor’s Degree in Crop and Soil Science – emphasis on Crop Production

2.      Lincoln High School

Past Internships:

1.      Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. in Plover, WI – sweet corn breeding for different world markets and breeding for resistance of Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus.

2.      Forage Genetics International in West Salem, WI – corn silage and alfalfa breeding for dairy cattle.

Current Research:

            I am currently a part of the Climate and Corn-based Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project (CSCAP), which is a project that involves many researchers across the Midwestern U.S. The goals of the project are to retain and enhance soil organic matter and nutrient and carbon stocks, reduce off-field nitrogen losses contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution, better withstand droughts and floods, and ensure productivity under different climatic conditions. I am looking at the effects of a winter rye cover crop on corn-soybean rotational systems on overall soil health. Another part of my research is to study cover crop effects on nitrogen cycling and soil physical properties, specifically using the oilseed radish in corn-soybean systems. I am focusing my research on the amount of nitrogen scavenged and released right next to the radish tuber throughout the radish life cycle.​


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