Cover Crops/ Soil Health




Cropping Systems



Soybean Gene Identification

Isis Chagas
Soil Sciences

Sorption Mechanisms
Cropping Systems 

 Trevor Frank
Cover Crops/Soil Health

Corn Production Systems
 Jenette Goodman
Manure Mang. in Double Crop Soybeans
Cropping Systems

Kin Lau
Molecular Biology/Genetics 
Cheng-Hsien Lin
  Raymond Lindsey  

Gabriel Macke
Blucher Menelas
Soil and Water

Drought Simulation
 Brenda Ownes 
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Soil Pedology
Molecular Plant Pathology/Genetics
Alexander Renaud
Abiotic Stress in Maize 
and Sorghum

Seed Composition
Stephen Sassman
Environmental Chemistry
Plant Breeding and Genetics​​


Wheat Breeding and Genetics


Thermal Adaptation

Plant Breeding and Genetics

Turfgrass Science​​
Genomic Selection
Xiangye Xiao

Soil Fertility/Chemistry​ 
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