WQFS Research

Past and Present Research Projects contacted at the Water Quality Field Station.

  • Characterization of the role of tile spacing on crop productivity and nutrient loss.
  • Examination of crop rotation, fertilizer and manure on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in agricultural soil.
  • Quantification of the impact of land application of swine manure on nutrient (N and P loss) to surface water.
  • Quantification of the impact of crop rotation on crop nitrogen use efficiency and environmental N loss as influenced by nutrient management strategy.
  • Examination of the influence of crop management on C and N biogeochemical cycling.
  • Examination of the role of land application of manure in movement of bacterial pathogens in surface waters and transfer to locations/substrates that increase risk to human health.
  • Examination of fate and transport of pharmaceuticals/antibiotics from animal waste in soils and to surface water.
  • Comparative analysis of C, N and water economies of candidate biofueld cropping systems: Productivity and environmental impacts.