Opportunity & Benefits

Purdue's Opportunity

Purdue is uniquely situated to become a major player in global Agroecology programming. We already have some of the required expertise, several faculty are keenly interested in programmatic growth, and we have unique field facilities/capabilities.

Benefits to Purdue

Creation of a Purdue Agroecology Program will heighten Purdue’s visibility within the state and beyond for our capabilities in addressing “Grand Challenge” questions. It will create a platform from which we can link to efforts in other states as a strong or leading partner in collaborations addressing energy and Homeland Security, climate change, deployment of biotechnology solutions, mitigation of environmental degradation and preservation of the natural resource base. This heightened visibility is critical to boosting success in competition for extramural resources including IGERT and National Needs Fellowship programs, larger facility grants such as NSF supported center and observatory grants (e.g. NEON, Critical Zone Observatories, etc.), and spontaneous public and private funding opportunities such as the recent BP/Bioenergy Sciences