Dr. Dev Niyogi 

Indiana State Climatologist

Professor of Agronomy and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


Contact Dev at climate@purdue.edu​


Kenneth Scheeringa 

Associate State Climatologist

​Ken Scheeringa found his passion for meteorology as a freshman in high schoool while studying weather in science class. In preperation for his career, he attended Purdue Uniersity to study atmospheric sciences. The first three years of his career he was a research agronomist in the Purdue Agronomy Department, working on the NSF sponsored weather and corn yield project. As a Meterology Assistant, he was assigned in support of computer resources at the National Weather Service's Midwest Agricultural Weather Service Center. From 1988 to 2004 he was the acting Indiaan State Climatologist, responding to client request for climate data, documentation and general advice. In 2005 he was named the Associate State Climatologist when Dr. Dev Niyogi was appointed the new Indiana State Climatologist. Contact Ken at kens@purdue.edu



Olivia Kellner 


Ph.D. Student Land-Atmosphere Interactions


Olivia earned her undergraduate degree of Operational Meteorology and Climatology from Ball State University and her Masters in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University.  Her research areas include land-atmosphere interactions related to mesoscale convection and tropical systems, with the inclusion of WRF modeling and GIS analysis. Field experience includes month-long field studies in the Great Plains during severe weather season, and recent internship work with the Indianapolis National Weather Service. Contact Olivia at ​okellner@purdue.edu