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AGRY 365 Course Policy on Academic Dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty (cheating) in this course will not be tolerated.
Examples of cheating include:

1.  Obtaining or using work other than your own on quizzes or exams.
2.  Programming calculators or other devices for use during quizzes or exams. 
     You may use your calculators, etc. if needed, but you may not program formulas for use in quizzes or exams.    
3.  Using study aids, crib sheets, etc. during quizzes or exams.
4.  Soliciting or providing answers on quizzes or exams.

Anyone caught cheating can expect disciplinary action.  At a minimum, you will receive a zero on the quiz or exam, and you may fail the course and, or be reported to the Dean of Students.

I encourage peer interaction when completing homework and laboratory assignments.  However, the work that you turn in (and the data for laboratory) must be your own.  You may discuss these assignments with others to help you learn the material, but you may not copy answers from someone else.