AGRY 105 Crop Production

​​Professor Bruce Erickson, Ph.D
Teaching Assistants Cody Hornaday, Amanda De Oliveira Silva, Sarah Brooks
Special Assistant Edwin Suarez

Course Description

gronomy 105, Crop Production is an introductory crops and soils course for students who will be directly involved in production agriculture or advising crop producers, working for a business/organization/agency that supplies inputs for crop production or markets farm products, or anyone wanting to apply the basics of food, feed, fiber, and biofuel production to their greater understanding of food production around the world.  Topics include basic soil physical, chemical, and biological characteristics, resource conservation, irrigation, drainage, water quality, soil and plant nutrient analysis and interpretation, fertilizers and other nutrient sources, soil pH and liming, pest identification, pest biology and management, cropping systems and rotations, planting practices, crop growth and development, precision farming technology, harvest, storage, crop utilization, and managing production risk, among many others. 

The course is taught using a combination of weekly laboratory experiences, in-class activities and discussions, and distance education technology.  In addition students work in small groups simulating the management of an actual parcel of land with the crops and management they select.  Content is based on scientific principles related to crop production, but woven with practical examples and case situations to maximize student’s retention and its application in the field.  

There are no prerequisites for Agronomy 105.

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