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       Welcome to AGRY 321 Homepage

         Information regarding the course for the fall 2020   

                semester can be found in the syllabus.

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                        The course syllabus will be posted here soon.

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Lab 1-Mitosis.pdf  Lab 2-DNA Assay.pdf Lab 3-Restriction Mapping.pdf

Lab 4-DNA Extraction.pdf  Lab 5-PCR.pdf  Lab 6-Cloning 1.pdf

Lab 7-Cloning 2.pdf  Lab 8-Southern 1.pdf  Lab 9-Southern 2.pdf

Lab 10-Gene Regulation.pdf  Lab 11-Transmission Genetics.pdf

Lab 12-Meiosis.pdf  Lab 13-Complementation Test.pdf

Lab 14-Molecular Markers.pdf  Lab 15-Population Genetics.pdf

To view Steps of Cloning (summary of Labs 4 to 9), click on the icon below.

Steps of cloning.PDFSteps of cloning.PDF

Gene conversion.PDF