AGRY 485

Agronomy 485​​ 

Precision Crop Management

Fall 2020


Instructor: Dr. Lee Schweitzer​

Class Resources

An ​Online Soil Survey Browser-UC Davis​

Drainage Calculator​



Presentation Support

Literature Search PowerPoint - Danielle Walker

Precision Planting Systems

John Deere

Soil Sampling and Variable Rate P and K Prescriptions

Precision Agriculture Overview - University of Missouri

Beck's Variable Hybrid (Zones) Planting Presentation

Multi-hybrid Corn

Multi-hybrid Planting - d with e Manufacturing

Combine Yield Mapping

Combine Yield Calibration

A Rare Planter Sows Ohio Fields​


Wandering Swath Width Syndrome: Yield Monitor Errors. R.L. Nielsen. Purdue Univ.​​

Making the Case for Evidence-based Agriculture. g Fisher. Crop Science News. May 2014 pp. 4-11

Soil Moisture Measurement by an Improved Capacitance Technique, Part I. Sensor Design and Performance. T.J. Dean, J.P. Bell and A.J.B. By. Journal of Hydrology, 93 (1987) 67-78 67

Soil Moisture Measurement by an Improved Capacitance Technique, Part II. Field Techniques, Evaluation and Calibration. J.P. Bell, T.J. Dean and M.G. Ht Journal of Hydrology, 93 (1987) 79-90​

AY-353-W Introduction to Integrating Cover Crops Into a Corn-Soybean Rotation

AY-353-W Cover Crops for Modern Cropping Systems

One Indiana Farmer's Response to Weather Variations​