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Kenneth L Scheeringa


  • Associate State Climatologist

Selected Publications

Nielsen, R., Gerber, C., & Scheeringa, K. (2006). 2006 Corn & Soybean Field Guide. Retrieved from

Akers, D., Overstreet, B., & Scheeringa, K. (2006). 2006 Showcase of Excellence - CoCoRaHS comes to Indiana.

Niyogi, D., Scheeringa, K., Alfieri, J., Chang, H., Fall, S., Ming, L., & Takle, B. (2006). Activities of the Indiana State Climate Office.

Niyogi, D., & Scheeringa, K. (2006). Cold Decembers often are followed by Warm Januarys. Retrieved from

Scheeringa, K. (2006). Crop and Weather specialist update. Retrieved from various web sites

Horticulturestaff, O., & Scheeringa, K. (2006). Hoosier Hurricanes and Crop Health in 2005.

Niyogi, D., & Scheeringa, K. (2006). La Nina could make Spring a bumpy ride. Retrieved from

Scheeringa, K., & Niyogi, D. (2006). Online sources for climate data / Principles of atmospheric humidity (class lecture) slides.

Scheeringa, K. (2006). Planting Wind Farms in Indiana. 31 slides.

Scheeringa, K. (2006). Weather and Climate Observation Networks (class lecture) 50 slides.

Awards & Honors

(2005) Length of Service award (2005). Purdue University.