Isis Chagas 

Graduate Student

Department: Agronomy

Current Research:


Isis Chagas earned her bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the Federal University of Lavras, Brazil, in the spring of 2013. As an undergraduate, she did an internship at the Department of Water and Soil Engineering at the Federal University of Lavras, participating in researches related to water management and irrigation methods. She spent six months at the National Soil Erosion Research Lab (NSERL) also as an intern, working on research related to sediment transport and deposition, and general aspects about soil erosion and soil properties. Her past research projects include irrigation efficiency and uniformity in forest species seedlings; using fluidized bed and flume experiments to quantify cohesion development from aging and drainage; soil micro topography measurement, among others.


She is currently a master’s student in the agronomy department, studying soil sciences. Her research interests include soil and water conservation and management, with special emphasis on erosion studies and soil and water contamination.  Since the spring of 2014, she has been involved with flume research with the National Soil Erosion Research Lab (NSERL/ARS-USDA), in order to study contaminant and nutrient movement in the soil and water, which is her current research.​​