Martha Winters 

Graduate Student

Department: Agronomy
E-mail: mk​​

Past Education: 

Bachelor's Degree in Soil and Crop Management (Purdue University West Lafayette, IN)


Past Internships: 

  • Widmer and Associates, Ltd: Scouting vegetables and grain crop fields (Gibsonburg, OH)
  • The Anderson's Inc: Research and spatial information management internship (Northern IN & Southern MI)
  • Dow Agroscience: Product Trait Development Internship (Fowler, IN)

Current Research:

I am working with Dr. Tony Vyn on a strip-tillage study at the Agronomy Center for Research and Education (ACRE).  The study is focused on finding the optimum fertilizer program for the SoilWarrior® strip-tillage system, specifically in regards to timing and placement of N and P fertilizers using the Mosaic Company's MicroEssentials® SZ™ fertilizer.  We are also assessing the benefits of starter fertilizer in such systems.​