The 2018 Corn & Soybean Field Guide2017 Purdue Extension Corn & Soybean Field Guide

We are still taking orders for the second printing of custom covers of the 2018 Purdue Extension Corn & Soybean Field Guide.

The ordering deadline for the second printing is Friday, January 26, 2018. Completed guides will ship by late March 2018.

The ordering deadline for the first printing was Friday, October 27. The completed guides will begin to ship by the end of December 2017.

For details, including prices and artwork requirements, please see the information below.

If you do not want custom covers, you will be able to order copies of the 2018 guide from the Purdue Extension Education Store.

Be sure to check out the Corn Field Scout and Soybean Field Scout apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

To join our mailing list to be notified about ordering custom covers of this and other guides, please contact Kevin Leigh Smith at or (765) 494-9558.

Order Custom Covers

Get your customers' and clients' attention with customized covers of the Corn & Soybean Field Guide featuring your logos and information.

We are now taking orders for custom covers of the 2018 edition. 

Order by Friday, January 26, 2018, if you want your guides to begin shipping by the end of March 2018.

Join our mailing list to learn about ordering this and other guides. To join, please contact Kevin Leigh Smith at or (765) 494-9558.

If you have any questions about the guides, please email or phone:

Kevin Leigh Smith
(765) 494-9558

What's the Cost?

The minimum order for custom covers is 100 copies. Larger orders receive discounts. Prices for the 2018 edition are:

  • 100-299 guides: $10 each
  • 300-749 guides: $9 each (10 percent discount)
  • 750-1,499 guides: $8.50 each (15 percent discount)
  • 1,500-2,499 guides: $8 each (20 percent discount)
  • 2,500-3,999 guides: $7.50 each (25 percent discount)
  • 4,000 or more: contact Kevin Leigh Smith

Note: Orders may be subject to Indiana sales tax. These prices are per cover design — groups that order multiple cover designs do not receive a cumulative discount. These prices include printer setup charges and basic shipping — orders that need to be shipped to multiple locations may be subject to actual shipping charges.

How Do I Order?

To order your custom guides, please email Kevin Leigh Smith with the following information:

  • Your name and organization.
  • Number of custom guides you want to order.
  • If you want guides for the first or second printing.
  • Your email address.
  • Your telephone number.
  • A shipping address (please provide an actual street address, we won't be able to deliver to post office boxes).
  • A billing address (if different).
  • A description of what you want on the cover (and please attach any graphics files you want to include — details about graphics files are provided below).

If you belong to a larger organization, pooling all of your orders together can reduce your costs, avoid unnecessary duplication, and ensure you receive guides. Please consult with the appropriate individuals in your organization to consolidate your orders.

What Is the Process?

Once you let us know what you want on the cover, you will receive a rough PDF to make sure the elements are where you want them.

After that, our graphic designer will finalize the design. We create several custom covers at once, so you will receive this final PDF proof some time after the ordering deadline (in early November for the first printing, in early February for the second printing).

After you receive this final proof, you will send us any corrections or changes. We will not print your cover until we receive your final approval.

What Can I Put on the Cover?

A PDF sample of the 2018 template is available here.

All versions of the guide feature a photo on the front cover with a live area for your logo and information. There will be a larger live area on the back cover for more information.

The live area on the front cover is 3.25 inches (233.9 pixels) wide x 0.78 inch (56.2 pixels) tall. On the sample, the live area is the white box on the front. The “Compliments of” line will appear on all covers. The “safe” zone on the front cover is 2.9724 inches (211.2 pixels) wide by 0.7 inch (50.4 pixels) tall.

The live area on the back cover is 3.26 inches (234.5 pixels) wide x 4.28 inches (308.4 pixels) tall. On the sample, this space is all of the back cover except the Purdue Extension disclaimer, branding, and EEO statement on the bottom of the page. The “safe” zone on the back cover is 2.94 inches (211.7 pixels) wide by 4.13 inches (297.57 pixels) tall. The back covers have a 0.25-inch bleed on the left side and top.

What Artwork Do I Need?

Please submit your logos and other artwork in vector format (EPS or AI) whenever possible. Other formats (TIF and JPG) are acceptable, but please send high-resolution images (at least 300 dpi at actual print size). Graphic files that have a lower resolution may look good on your computer screen, but will print poorly.

What Else Can I Put on the Cover?

  • Colors — in the live area on the back cover you can specify any background color you like. For example, you can send us a specific PMS color, or we can match the background to one in your logo. If you do not specify a color, we will use white.
  • Photos — because we print these covers using a four-color process, you can also use photos or any other art as long as they are of publication quality and fit in the live space.
  • Text and other information — we can include any other information you want on the front or back covers (phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, taglines, and so on). If you have a particular font you would like to use, please specify the font and send a sample of the text. The only limitation, of course, is space.

Shipping and Billing

It is possible to ship your guides to more than one location. For details, please contact Kevin Smith — or 765-494-9558. Multiple shipping locations may be subject to shipping charges.

We also can issue separate billing statements, but Purdue University rules require a minimum billing statement for 100 copies — we cannot issue invoices for fewer than 100 copies.

Typically, Purdue issues invoices in January or February for the first printing and April or May for the second printing.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about the guides or custom covers, please contact:

Kevin Leigh Smith