Decision-Aid Software

The following decision-aid software programs, developed at Purdue University or in collaboration with other landgrant universities, are available for free download or for ordering online.

Agronomy Crop Management CD Series [Link to]
Developed by Agronomy's own Lee Schweitzer [Link to Schweitzer contact info], these multimedia CD programs address corn growth & development, soybean growth and development and broadleaf weed identification.
Manure Management Planner Software [Link to]
Downloadable software for creating manure management plans for crop and animal feeding operations.
Michiana Irrigation Scheduler Software [Link to]
The Michiana Irrigation Scheduler calculates irrigation water needs for corn, soybean, established alfalfa, dry bean and potato. The program is a joint effort of Purdue University Department of Agronomy and Michigan State University Department of Crop and Soil Science.
The 'Max' Software Program [Link to]
The 'Max' Software Program calculates and compares economic returns on crop production. The 'Max' manages crop input data, generates production cost worksheets and summary reports, and allows sets of custom input costs to be created and used in all calculations.
WeedSoft Weed Management Software [Link to]
WeedSoft is an interactive software package that aids in the herbicide selection process. This tool can help select appropriate weed management treatments based on various weed infestations and environmental conditions.