NIFA Partnership Program


Capitalize on unique collaborative relationships among Purdue University researchers in plant breeding and related sciences, education and Extension specialists, and corporate and non-profit partners to both train graduate students in scientifically sound hypothesis-driven research and provide educational experiences that create a broadly knowledgeable cadre of professional plant breeders. Our research efforts will focus on developing Abiotic Environmental Stress Tolerance and Biotic Stress Resistance. 



Develop the intellectual capital to effectively address complex plant traits through an understanding of transdisciplinary sciences, and facilitate a similar transdisciplinary integration of faculty research and educational objectives. Graduate students will become part of a cohort; co​llectively addressing a multi-faceted agricultural challenge. They will interact in classroom, laboratory and field environments, and in formal and informal conversations. 



Participate in Extension and outreach activities involving industry, agricultural stakeholders, the general public and youth programs. Our objective is to improve the ability of students to communicate effectively with diverse groups of clientele; allowing students to interact with end users and gain a true appreciation of the real-world impact of their work. 



Make more informed decisions by utilizing objective-based and management-oriented evaluation designs. Formative evaluations will inform key decision-makers on curricula, transdisciplinary projects and interactive sessions and the effectiveness of collaborations. Summative evaluations will provide an objective perspective on project effectiveness.