Global Plant Breeding and Genetics Students

Purdue University offers tremendous educational opportunities for training in Plant Breeding and Genetics. The Plant Genetics and Plant Breeding option is designed for students interested in agricultural biotechnology, genetic engineering, and research in genetic mechanisms that control crop growth and development. This option prepares students for many research opportunities in industry and provides the necessary background for graduate studies. Students also learn the fundamentals of genetics and practical plant breeding as well as the latest developments in genetic engineering, environmentally sound crop production practices, development of varieties appropriate for the agriculture of developing countries, and strategies for developing plant lines adapted to environmental stresses. 

Student Highlights

jenae.jpg Jenae Skelton  

Masters student studying dhurrin loss and its effects on sorghum development

 Nick LaBonte

Ph.D. student studying the effects of butternut cancker on butternut trees​
Alex Renaud
Ph.D. student studying the genetic regulation abiotic stress response in maize and sorghum
Rima Thapa
Ph.D. student determing the order of resistance wheat genes

Ray Lindsey

Ph.D. student studying genetic control of kernal composition of corn


Student Testimonials

“I gained a better understanding of plant breeding and other disciplines due to the more frequent interaction between all students participating in this multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary program. I think that everyone participating in this program gains a new appreciation about collaborative research projects between public and private institutions.” ​  

Dr. Ignacio A. Ciampitti
Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Former Plant Breeding Graduate Student​  


"​The Partnership Program for Research and Education in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Purdue helped me learn how to apply concepts of Statistics, Quantitative Genetics, and Molecular Genetics in a relevant commercial scope and context.  Purdue’s program provided excellent classroom instruction, an open atmosphere with access to knowledgeable faculty, critical thinking and people management opportunities through field work, and an understanding of how research is applied in a commercial context to more efficiently and effectively develop superior crops.​" 

Jason Morales
Dow AgroSciences Corn Breeder 
Former Plant Breeding Graduate Student