​Job Opportunities 

Graduate Research Positions 


lab groupOur group is always looking for smart, creative, and hard working people to join us.  We want people with good quantitative skills who also enjoy working in the fields in the summer.  Research assistants in the Rocheford lab have the opportunity to attend national and international maize and genetics meetings to present research findings and travel to experiment stations throughout the world. 

field work
Graduate students frequently get positions directly following their PhDs in academic, industry, and government positions.  Click here to view a list of previous Rocheford lab graduates.
 If you are interested in joining our group, please visit the Agronomy Department for graduate application instructions.

Undergraduate Positions

in the field

Field Work

Positions are available for work within a corn research program. Responsibilities include assisting with field activities such as planting, tissue collection, field maintenance, pollinating, and plant harvest. Away from the field workers measure plant traits, record and enter data, and prepare samples and seed. 

field research

Additional laboratory work may be available depending on performance and availability. 10-15 hours per week.

To apply, contact Torbert Rocheford.