Agronomy Safety Training

​​Paragraph about the specifi training

General Lab Training

​The agronomy business office hands out a list containing specific documents that should be filled out by each new employee. New employees include temporary undergraduates, graduate students, service personel, post docs, and other Purdue employees. The business is located in Lilly 2-448. 

Teaching and Research Lab Forms

  • Apendix A Inventory​ : This is an annual report. The report should be filled out whether or not any of the chemicals listed are present in your research/teaching lab. A copy should be turned into Connie in the main office (Lilly 2-452) no later than March 17th. It is imperative that these forms are turned in by the due date as a summary form must be compiled and turned into the College of Agriculture by March 28th.

  • Front Door Laboratory Posting ​: Should be updated yearly to reflect new lab personnel information.

  • Certification of Hazard Assesment​: This is to be ammended yearly and signed by the PI and posted on the inside of the laboratory doors. For an example​ see how Lilly Hall 2-366 amended this form to fit their lab.


Chemical Hygiene Plan​

A complete copy of the chemical hygiene plan should be printed, the front page filled-out specific to your lab, and the document should be place in the front section of the laboratyr procedures manual. New students should read the chemcial hygiene plan and turn the completed form​ into their laboratory supervisor.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

​A complete copy of the personal protective equipment document should be printed and placed in the laboratory safety folder. Apendix B should be filled out for general and specific safety features associated with your laboratory (research and teaching).

Worker Protection Standards

Any employee who will work in the greenhouses or the field must attend a  training session before they can perform any work in these related areas. WPS certification is valid for five years. Classes will be offered at the beginning of each semester, in spring and as requested. A certification form will be turned into your supervisor and a duplicate form will be put in your personal files.

Farm Safety