​Agronomy Indemnification


Every year the department’s labs are inspected by REM. In order to prepare for the inspection, each lab must fill out an Integrated Safety Plan Self Audit Checklist​​​​ in December, more information about the audit can be found at the Integrated Safety Plan website . Each lab will walk through their lab and mark the correct boxes. Anything that isn’t up to code, please turn in a work order by sending Jason Deitrich​ an email detailing the problem and account number. This will help insure the problem is fixed before inspection. Once the form is completed, please turn them into Chloe De Perre’s mailbox in Lilly 2-452.​ 


What can I do to help prepare for inspection?

  • ​Does your lab have the front door laboratory posting? Is it up to date to reflect new lab personnel and the location of particular items?

  • Do you have the Certification of Hazard Assessment filled out and on the back of the door or near it? It needs to be amended yearly by the PI. For an example see how Lilly Hall 2-366 amended this form to fit their lab.

  • Is your hood certification for the right intention? Are you working with chemicals in it, but it is listed as a storage? Or vice versa? If the intention is wrong, please contact REM to change it.

  • Have all your personnel taken either HazCom or CHP training?

  • Is your lab orderly?

    • Aisle ways clear?​

    • Shower and wash clear of clutter?

    • Shower and washes flushed weekly?

    • Any chemicals above eye level?

    • All bottles and waste containers labeled?

    • Any slip, trip and fall hazards?