Agronomy Lab Safety


​New semester, new students!
Can you find the red safety binder in your lab? Is it up-to-date? 
Have you reviewed current lab procedures and set-up PPE training for everyone in your lab?

What Training Do I Need?


All training must be completed before working in a lab or field!

Safety is everyone's responsibility so never hesitate to speak up 

when you see a problem area.​ 

Chemical Hygiene Plan Training

There are two options. Choose only 1.

1. Pi/Safety person gives training
​    a. That person will ask you to read the highlighted areas from the CHP manual, go over them with you for clarification, 
        model how to work with items in the lab, and demonstrate the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use
        and where they are located. Once that is completed, fill out page 85 in the CHP manual, which is located in the red
        safety binder in your lab.

​2. Online training- covers everything in the CHP manual
    a. Chemical Hygiene Plan Training​
    b. Once you have completed and passed, a certificate will be at the end of the training or emailed to you. Print it out
place in your lab's safety binder. 

HazCom Training (Right to Know)

Go to the HazCom site​ and complete the training that is under "Hazard Communication Training." At the end, when it asks whether you want to post your results or continue, press continue. Not pressing continue will result in the system not knowing you took the training and you will have to complete it again. Upon completion, sign the HCP-8 form which is located in your program's safety binder.

Worker Protection Standards

Any employee who will work in the greenhouses or the field must attend a training session before they can perform any
work in these related areas. Worker Protection Standards (WPS) certification is valid for a year. Classes will be offered at the beginning of each semester, in the spring and as requested. A certification form will be turned into your supervisor and a duplicate form will be put in your personnel files.  If you have a Commercial Applicator's license then you are exempt.  Turn in a copy of your license to Alicia West​.

See postings in the business office (LILY 2-448) for the most current class or see Connie Foster in LILY 2-452 to schedule a training.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This is lab specific. Each lab personnel should be trained on the right PPE to wear when working in the lab or field. PPE should also be in an easy access place in the lab and fully stocked. ​One you have been modeled what PPE you need, there will be a form in the safety binder to sign. 

If you are working with biological hazards, read the Biological Safety manual that can be found here. Your supervisor can mark the areas that pertain to the lab you will be working in. Once that is completed, fill out the "Purdue Biological Safety Awareness Certification" sheet that is in the new employee packet. This sheet will then be placed in your safety binder. 

RCR Training

Upon completing your new hire paperwork, you will receive an email from the Business Office with instructions about RCR training. They will provide you with links and step by step instructions.

If at any time you switch labs, start working with chemicals, start working in the greenhouse, etc. then you will need to take the correct training or move your certificates to the new lab. 

Accidents do happen!

Below are reported accidents from universities across the country.

What to do in case of an incident?

Purdue Agronomy's incident document​ has the answers.