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Agronomy/NRES Ambassadors​

Agronomy Ambassadors are a group of students selected to represent the Agronomy Department. They meet with and give tours to guests and prospective students. Ambassadors also represent Agronomy at various events. Ambassadors are selected in the Spring Semester. Potential ambassadors must fill out an application​ for eligibility. For more information, check out their website



Judging Teams


Soil Judging

Purdue students compete in regional and national Soil Judging Contests each year all over the United States. Check out their website for more information.


Clubs in the Department of Agronomy


Agronomy Club

The Purdue Agronomy Club is an educational, service, social, and outreach program for anyone interested in agronomy. They team host the Purdue invitational crops and soil judging contests, serve as student educators, and produce and provide products used in agriculture and science. Each semester, they have programs and speakers that address the interests of the department and students. They attend and participate in the Regional and National ASA-SAS meetings.



Environmental Science Club

The Environmental Science Club (ESC) is a science based option club for the Natural Resources and Environmental Science Program (NRES) at Purdue University. ESC is mostly comprised of NRES students, but other disciplines are welcomed with open arms. ESC emphasizes environmental education and sustainable management of our natural resources. We stand firm on the motto: OUR ENVIRONMENT...OUR CONCERN...OUR FUTURE.





Soil and Water Conservation Society - Student Chapter

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