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Agronomy Undergraduate Education​


 Agronomy Undergraduate Education


​The agronomy faculty and staff provide students an excellent education which delivers the foundation, motivation and continuing support for a lifetime of learning. Students learn to think, question established dogma, and develop interpersonal skills. 


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Agronomy student experiences culture and agriculture during Costa Rica study abroad course

As Taylor Sigman woke one morning to the sound of horses traveling along the side street outside her hotel room, she was reminded that she no longer was in Indiana, she was in Costa Rica during a study abroad course. One of the most memorable and eye opening experiences of her life.

This semester Sigman, an agronomy and agricultural communication major, took FNR 498, a two credit course with a one credit study abroad component. The class explored global sustainability issues in natural resources with an emphasis on forestry, wildlife, agroforestry, wood products manufacturing, energy, conservation, water management and their impact on Central America and the world.​​​​