Industry Networking


Industry Networking

Industry Networking and Tours

A variety of specialized trips are offered to animal sciences students throughout the year. The trips are an excellent way to explore career options in the industry, gain valuable insight from professionals in the field, and to network with professionals and your peers.

Species trips

Both livestock and companion animal trips are available. Groups will travel to a number of related businesses and farms to learn more about career and leadership options within their desired field. Trips try to match the career options available in the animal science major.

Research trips for graduate students

Purdue partners with Novus International for a research trip with Purdue graduate students and Novus interns. Together, the group will tour research facilities, companies, and farms.

ANSC 39300 Animal Industry Travel Course
Sem. 2. SS. Class 0-1, Lab. 2, Cr. 1-2.
A classroom and travel course designed to expose students to animal production operations, agribusinesses, industry leaders, and their philosophies throughout various geographical areas of the United States. Travel is conducted during spring break and includes visits to animal production farms, universities, and agribusinesses. Consent of instructor required. May be repeated for a maximum of three credits; limited to two credits toward Animal Sciences electives; offered in odd numbered years. Additional fee required. Professor Russell.


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