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​In 2009, Purdue started a "5 Students Who ..." series, to recognize students who are outstanding in many different areas. Several Animal Sciences students have been recognized. Read more about these outstanding Animal Sciences majors!


Welcome and Upcoming Activities (calendar updated September 2014)

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ANSC Scholarships for Fall 2015

ANSC Outstanding Class Awards for 2015

List of ANSC Scholarships, with recipients since 1969

Animal Sciences Mentors Program

Student Employment Opportunities at ASREC (Animal Sciences Research and Education Center)

Animal Sciences Career Services
Career E-Letters - job listings, internships, upcoming career-related events

Study Abroad


Student Handbook for Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Animal Sciences - July 2014
This handbook provides many details about the options in the Department of Animal Sciences.

Interested in Pre-Vet? Check out the Vet School Resouces on the Animal Sciences Career Services site, or visit the web site for the Student Services Office of the Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. Also, view the video The Journey of a Pre-Vet Student.

Interested in Pre-Med? Check out the Medical School information on the Animal Sciences Career Services site.

Student Success at Purdue

The departmental teaching coordinator is Dr. Mark Diekman