The Animal Sciences Graduate Program


Areas of Specialization

The Department of Animal Sciences offers a comprehensive graduate program leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the fields of genetics, growth and development, meat science, nutrition, physiology and animal behavior and well-being. The M.S. is offered in management. Degrees also may be earned in the interdepartmental areas of applied ethology, genetics, neuroscience, and nutrition by working with faculty members participating in those programs. Specialized training within each of these areas is available to meet specific professional goals.

The University offers a wide range of formal graduate courses in these and related areas from which to formulate an appropriate plan of study. (See the Animal Sciences Course Page for description and availability of courses.) For the guidance of applicants in choosing a major adviser, a description of the research interests for the Animal Sciences graduate faculty is provided at each of their websites available on the Faculty Web Page.