Graduate Research Spotlights


Beginning in February 2013, the Graduate Ag Research Spotlight shines each month on an individual whose work reflects our commitment to the six strategic themes that guide Agricultural Research at Purdue. Here are the Animal Sciences graduate students who have been in the spotlight:


Ayodeji Aderibigbe

2020 - Ayodeji Aderibigbe​


Derico Setyabrata

2019 - Derico Setyabrata​


Carmen Wickware

2019 - Carmen Wickware​


Drew Lugar

2018 - Drew Lugar​


Morgan Garvey 2017 - Morgan Garvey, Pathmaker Award recipient


Nicholas Lancaster 2016 - Nicholas Lancaster​


Gabriela Morello 2015 - Gabriela Morello


Hui Yan 2014 - Hui Yan


Nathan Horn 2013 - Nathan Horn (Photo by Vincent Walter Photography)