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Amy C. Lossie

Awards & Honors

(2012) Seeds for Success Excellence in Research Award. Purdue University.

(2012) Teaching for Tomorrow Award. Purdue University.

(2012) TEAM Award. Purdue College of Agriculture.

(2008) Service Learning Faculty Development Program. Purdue University.


Lossie, A. C., & Garner, J. P. (2011). Nesting Material Baling and Dispensing System for Mouse Environment Enrichment. U.S. Patent No. 65657.P1.US – 61/514,094. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Selected Publications

Jaganathan, H., Wang, P., Klein, J. D., Lossie, A. C., & Ivanisevic, A. (2011). Detecting DNA methylation through changes in transverse proton relaxation. Analyst, 136(12), 2441-5.

Lo, C. L., Shen, F., Baumgarner, K. M., Cramer, M. J., & Lossie, A. C. (2011). Identification of 129S6/SvEvTac-Specific Polymorphisms on Mouse Chromosome 11. DNA and Cell Biology, October 11, 2011, Online Ahead of Print. Retrieved from

Jiang, Z., Lossie, A. C., & Applegate, T. (2011). Sequencing and expression of trefoil factor two in chicken. PLoS One, 6(7), e22691. Retrieved from

Lossie, A. C., O'Driscoll, K. K., Schutz, M. M., & Eicher, S. D. (2009). The effect of floor size on dairy cow immune function and locomotion score. Journal of Dairy Science, 92(9), 4249-4261.