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Todd J Applegate

Animal Sciences 

  • Associate Head/Professor Animal Sciences
LILY Room 2-114
915 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

Area of Expertise: Extension Poultry Specialist: Poultry Nutrition, Management, and Nutrient Management

Education: B.S. and M.S., Iowa State University; Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Post-doctoral Training: University of Maryland, College Park

Applegate Poultry Nutritional Physiology Laboratory - Research Program

Extension Program

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News Releases

Purdue livestock specialists recommend testing before feeding - Purdue News, October 2009

Experts: poultry industry's structure is antidote for bird flu - Purdue News, November 2005

Purdue specialists help rewrite outdated livestock standards - Purdue News, April 2004



Awards & Honors

(2013) Evonik Degussa Award for Achievement in Poultry Science. Poultry Science Association.

(2013) First Vice President. Poultry Science Association.

(2012) Coordinating Animal Nutrition Committee member of the National Animal Nutrition Program. National Research Support Project (NRSP-9) of State Ag. Exp. Stations.

(2011) USDA National Excellence in Multistate Project Research Award. 2011. Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Research Directors.

(2010) B.R.A.I.N. Research Innovation Award. Biomin Research and Innovation Network.

(2010) Team Award - Managing Moldy Corn Team. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association.

(2009) American Feed Industry Association - Poultry Nutrition Award. Poultry Science Association.

(2009) Maple Leaf Farms Duckling Research Award. Poultry Science Association.

(2009) Purdue Agriculture Team Award - Awarded to the Integrated Corn Ethanol Co-products Team. Purdue College of Agriculture.

(2007) Early Career Award - Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association. PUCESA.

Selected Publications

Tan, J., Liu, S., Guo, Y., Eicher, S. D., & Applegate, T. J. (2013). Dietary L-arginine supplementation attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in broiler chickens.. British Journal of Nutrition, Dec 11, doi:10.1017/S0007114513003863. Retrieved from

Grenier, B., & Applegate, T. J. (2013). Invited Review -Modulation of intestinal functions upon mycotoxin ingestion: meta-analysis of published experiments in animals.. Toxins, 5, 396-430. Retrieved from

Jiang, Z., Applegate, T. J., & Lossi, A. C. (2013). Molecular cloning, alternative splicing and developmental expression of chicken intestinal MUC2. PLoS One, 8, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0053781. Retrieved from

Adedokun, S. A., Adeola, O., Parsons, C., Lilburn, M. S., & Applegate, T. J. (2011). Factors affecting endogenous amino acid flow in chickens and the need for consistency in methodology (review). Poultry Science, 90, 1737-1748. Retrieved from

Applegate, T. J., Klose, V., Steiner, T., Ganner, A., & Schmatzmayr, G. (2010). Probiotics and phytogenics for poultry: myth or reality?. J. Appl. Poult. Res., 19, 194-210. Retrieved from

Karcher, D. M., & Applegate, T. J. (2008). Survey of enterocyte morphology and tight junction formation in the small intestine of avian embryos. Poultry Science, 87, 339-350. Retrieved from

Burkholder, K. M., Thompson, K. L., Einstein, M. E., Applegate, T. J., & Patterson, J. A. (2008). Influence of stressors on normal intestinal microbiota, intestinal morphology and susceptibility to Salmonella Enteriditis colonization in broilers. Poultry Science, 87, 1734-1741. Retrieved from

Thompson, K. L., Burkholder, K. M., Patterson, J. A., & Applegate, T. J. (2008). Microbial ecology shifts in the ileum of broilers during feed withdrawal and dietary manipulations. Poultry Science, 87, 1624-1632. Retrieved from

Applegate, T. J., Powers, W., Angel, R., & Hoehler, D. (2008). Effect of amino acid formulation and acid supplementation on performance and nitrogen excretion in turkey toms. Poultry Science, 87, 514-520. Retrieved from

Applegate, T. J., Adedokun, S. A., Powers, W. J., & Angel, R. (2008). Determination of nutrient mass balance in turkeys. Poultry Science, 87, 2477-2485. Retrieved from