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Luiz F. Brito

Animal Sciences 

  • Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences
CRTN Room 2016
270 S. Russell St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2041

Education: Honors B.Sc. in Animal Sciences (2010), M.Sc. in Genetics and Animal Breeding (2012), Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil; Ph.D. in Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (2016), University of Guelph, Canada

About me: My passion for animal genetics started at a very early age as I grew up on a livestock breeding farm in Brazil. In 2010, I earned a B.Sc. degree (with distinction) in Animal Sciences at the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil), followed by a M.Sc. in Genetics and Animal Breeding (2012) at the same University. In 2012, I moved to Canada to do my PhD at the Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (CGIL, University of Guelph) under the supervision of Dr. Flavio Schenkel. My PhD thesis was entitled “Genetic and genomic studies in small ruminants” and part of my research was conducted at AgResearch (New Zealand) and CSIRO (Australia). Upon completion of my Ph.D. in 2016, I did a 2-year post-doc at the U of Guelph under the mentorship of Drs. Filippo Miglior and Flavio Schenkel. During my post-doc I was involved in several research projects focusing on genomic studies to enable selection for novel traits in cattle, including feed efficiency, methane emissions, and temperature stress. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work on collaborative projects in the areas of genotype imputation and genomic predictions in pigs, GWAS and functional analyses, genomics of longitudinal traits, and integration of different data sources to better understand the genetic architecture of complex traits in livestock. In August 2018, I joined the Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue University as an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Genetics and Genomics. Since January 2019, I also hold an Adjunct Faculty position in the CGIL at the Univ. of Guelph, Canada.

Research interests: I am broadly interested in quantitative genetics, genomics, and systems biology applied to genetic improvement of livestock species. My research group focuses on complex traits associated with animal behavior and welfare, environmental efficiency and adaptation to challenging environments. Our long-term research goals are to integrate different data sources (pedigree, phenotypic and comprehensive “-omics”-derived data) to better understand the genetic basis underlying the phenotypic variability observed in these traits. We work towards the development of selection methods and approaches to enable efficient incorporation of these traits into livestock breeding programs, while maintaining enough populational genetic diversity. Furthermore, growing up in a developing country and gaining extensive experience with minor (less-researched) species have motivated me to dedicate part of my research efforts in the development of genomic approaches applied to breeding of such species (e.g., ducks, alpacas, sheep, goats) as well as in small-holder production systems. 

Mentorship philosophy and student information: My role as a professor and mentor of undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs consists on helping them to: 1) identify their areas of interest and achieve their full potential; 2) become independent creative thinkers, and, 3) excel in their professional development. It is of utmost value to me to maintain an environment of open communication and to make the students feel respected, considered, challenged and inspired. I really enjoy working with students who are highly engaged in their research, hardworking and motivated to learn. Students in my research group are expected to work as a team and take advantage of opportunities in my program and in collaborative projects across the University and (inter)nationally.

Interested in joining us? Please contact me at: britol@purdue.edu. The Graduate program requirements are: click here 

Full list of publications: ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

Awards & Honors

(2012) Science without Borders Fellowship (CNPq/Brazil) to do a Ph.D in Genetics and Genomics. University of Guelph, Canada.

(2013) Dr. Brian Kennedy Memorial Scholarship. Indiana University.

(2013) International Graduate Scholarship. University of Guelph.

(2014) Robb Graduate Travel Grant. University of Guelph.

(2014) Larry Milligan Research Travel Grant. University of Guelph.

(2015) Commendation award. AgResearch Staff Recognition for Service, Innovation & Achievement.

(2016) Best Poster. 7th Annual Livestock Gentec Conference, Alberta, Canada.

(2016) Best Poster. Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) Sheep Convention, Ontario, Canada.

(2017) Young Scientist Award. National Natural Science Foundation of China.

(2017) The Academic Mentorship Award. University of Guelph.

Selected Publications

Silva, F. G., Torres, R. A., Brito, L. F., Euclydes, R. F., Melo, A. P., Souza, N. O., . . . Rodrigues, M. T. (2013). Random regression models using Legendre orthogonal polynomials to evaluate the milk production of Alpine goats. Genetics and Molecular Research, 12, 6502-6511.

Silva, F. G., Torres, R. A., Brito, L. F., Silva, L. P., Menezes, G. O., Brito, L. C., . . . Euclydes, R. F. (2013). Genetic evaluation of Alpine goats using different milk control intervals. Genetics and Molecular Research, 12, 2455-2464.

Silva, F. G., Brito, L. F., Torres, R. A., Ribeiro Jr., J. I., Oliveira, H. R., Caetano, G. C., & Rodrigues, M. T. (2013). Factors that influence the test day milk yield and composition. Genetics and Molecular Research, 12, 1522-1532.

Peixoto, M. D., Bruneli, F. R., Bergmann, J. G., Santos, G. G., Carvalho, M. S., Brito, L. F., . . . Pires, M. A. (2016). Environmental and genetic effects on the temperament variability of Guzerá (Bos indicus) females. Livestock Research for Rural Development, 28(159).

Guarini, A. R., Lourenco, D. L., Brito, L. F., Sargolzaei, M., Baes, C., Miglior, F., . . . Schenkel, F. S. (2017). 206 Predictions for workability and reproductive traits using two-step and single- step genomic BLUP in Canadian Holsteins. Journal of Dairy Science, 100(Supplement 2).

Lam, S., Miglior, F., Guan, L., Islas-Trejo, A., Seymour, D., Asseltine, V., . . . Canovas, A. (2017). M105 Use of RNA-Sequencing technology for detection of microbial species. Journal of Dairy Science, 100(Supplement 2).

Oliveira, H. R., Brito, L. F., Jamrozik, J., Silva, F. F., & Schenkel, F. S. (2017). T48 Genomic prediction of lactation curves for milk, fat, protein, and somatic cell score in Canadian Jersey cattle. Journal of Dairy Science, 100(Supplement 2).

Asseltine, V., Miglior, F., Islas-Trejo, A., Lam, S., Sweet, H., Brito, L. F., . . . Canovas, A. (2017). T52 Genetic mechanisms of mucus plug formation associated with immune response to infection in the cow mammary gland. Journal of Dairy Science, 100(Supplement 2).

Xu, Q., Wang, Y., Liu, R., Brito, L. F., Kang, L., Yu, Y., . . . Liu, A. (2017). Differential gene expression in the peripheral blood of Chinese Sanhe cattle exposed to severe cold stress. Genetics and Molecular Research, 16(2). doi:10.4238/gmr16029593

Kraus, M., Physick-Sheard, P. W., Brito, L. F., & Schenkel, F. S. (2017). Estimates of heritability of atrial fibrillation in the Standardbred racehorse. Enquine Veterinary Journal. doi:10.1111/evj.12687

Department of Animal Sciences, 270 S Russell Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA, (765) 494-4808

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