ANSC Departmental Seminars

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Faculty Position Interview Seminars

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ANSC Graduate Defense Seminars

  • June 29 - Tana Dennis, "Influence of Diet Manipulation and Feed Management Strategies on Growth and Rumen Development of Post-Weaned Dairy Heifers" - 8:30 am in Lilly 3-113 (major advisors: Dr. Schoonmaker and Dr. Nennich)

  • July 13 - Gabriela Morello, "Investigating Piglet Crushing by the Sows: A Data Mining Approach" - 1:00 pm in Lilly 30113 (major advisors: Dr. Richart and Dr. Marchant Forde)

  • July 14 - Christopher Byrd, "Evaluating the Walking Ability of Pekin Ducks using a Treadmill Performance Test" - 9:00 am in Lilly 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Makagon)

ANSC 681 Graduate Seminars

    Seminars will resume in the fall

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