ANSC Departmental Seminars

    Seminars will be held 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in Lilly 3-113 unless otherwise noted

  • February 27 - Dr. Sarah Ash, "Learning through Critical Reflection" - CANCELLED
    Dr. Ash is Professor of Nutrition and Undergraduate Coordinator at North Carolina State University

  • March 27 - Dr. Surendranath P. Suman, "Proteomic biomarkers for beef color stability"
    Dr. Suman is Associate Professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, University of Kentucky

  • April 10 - Dr. Jason Ross, "Small RNA expression and function during oocyte maturation and embryo development in the pig"
    Dr. Ross is Associate Professor at Iowa State University

  • April 17 - Dr. Richard Gates, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Illinois, will share his thoughts on multidisciplinary approaches to animal welfare

Faculty Position Interview Seminars

    Meat Scientist Faculty Position - Seminars are at 9:15 am in Lilly 3-113

  • Dr. Lindy Miller
    • March 23 - Extension Seminar, "Extension, Relevent and Necessary - Changing Technologies/Changing Behaviors"
    • March 24 - Teaching Seminar, "Myoglobin, A Protein That Communicates with Color - Its Many Oxidative States"
  • Dr. Stacy Zuelly
    • March 26 - Extension Seminar, "Bridging the Gap: Connecting Meat Science to Stakeholders"
    • March 27 - Teaching Seminar, "The Beginning or The End? Building a Meat Science Curriculum"
  • Dr. Chad Stahl
    • April 8 - Extension Seminar, "Extension, Teaching and Collaborative Research (The Saviors of Production Agriculture)"
    • April 9 - Teaching Seminar, "Pork Quality II: Implications of Handling and Transportation"

ANSC Graduate Defense Seminars

  • April 16 - Qian Zhang, "Propionate induced Gluconeogenesis in Dairy Cattle and Regulation of the Bovine Cytosolic Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase Gene Promoter" - 9:00 am in Liily 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Donkin)

  • April 16 - Noorjan Zazai, "Evaluation of Nutritional Traits of Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC) in Broiler Chicks and Turkey Poults" - 1:00 pm in Lilly 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Applegate)

  • April 21 - Pengpeng Bi, "Notch Signaling Regulates Adipogenesis and Energy Metabolism" - 1:30 pm in Lilly 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Kuang)

  • July 14 - Christopher Byrd, "Evaluating the Walking Ability of Pekin Ducks using a Treadmill Performance Test" - 9:00 am in Lilly 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Makagon)

ANSC 681 Graduate Seminars

    Seminars are at 12:30 pm in Lilly 3-118 unless otherwise noted

  • January 15 - Caitlin Vonderohe, "Passing Glass: Mini-guts In-vitro" (major advisor: Dr. Radcliffe)
  • February 5 - Emily Otto-Tice, "Novel Probiotics to Enhance Gut Development of the Young Pig" (major advisor: Dr. Richert)
  • March 5 - Hang Lu, "Feeding Strategy of Weaning Piglets" (major advisors: Dr. Ajuwon and Dr. Adeola)
  • March 12 - Yingying Hong, "Antibiotic Resistance: New Avenues for Antibiotic Discovery" (major advisors: Dr. Mathew and Dr. Ebner)
  • March 26 - Nathan Horn, "Garlic and Immune Function in Swine and Poultry" (major advisor: Dr. Adeola)
  • April 2 - Chris Muegge, "Effect of Selenium source and availability on ruminant performance and Selenium distribution" (major advisor: Dr. Schoonmaker)

Other Seminars of Interest

Archived Seminars