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Research Program

Molecular Genetics

We are studying genes that regulate growth and reproduction in mammals and fish.

My laboratory uses the tools of molecular and cellular biology to study growth and reproduction in mammals and fish. We are working to identify and isolate genes that are directly involved in growth in mammals based on biochemical properties, tissue-specific expression, and chromosomal location. In fish, we are studying the genetics of polyploids and interspecific hybrids as well as genes involved in reproduction. We are working on both vitellogenin synthesis in the liver as well as receptor mediated uptake of the egg yolk proteins by the oocytes. Egg production in fish and poultry has potential application as an animal bioreactor system.

Research Techniques

  • Flow cytometry
  • Genomic DNA cloning
  • Polymerase chain reaction
  • Protein and DNA gel electrophoresis
  • DNA sequencing 

Selected Publications

Blanton, J.R., A.L. Grant, D.C. McFarland, J.P. Robinson, and C.A. Bidwell. 1999. Isolation of two populations of myoblasts from porcine skeletal muscle. Muscle & Nerve 22, 43-50.

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Reecy, J.M., C.A. Bidwell, O.A. Andrisani, D.E. Gerrard, and A.L. Grant. 1998. Multiple regions of the porcine a-skeletal actin gene control and modulate muscle specific expression in cell culture and directly injected skeletal muscle. Animal Biotechnology 9(2), 101-120.

Spurlock, M.E., G.R. Frank, S.G. Cornelius, S. Ji, G.M. Willis, and C.A. Bidwell. 1998. Obese gene expression in porcine adipose tissue: Relationship to fat mass and effect of energy intake restriction. Journal of Nutrition 128(4), 677-682.

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Bidwell, C.A., K. Kroll, E. Severud, S.I. Doroshov, and D.M. Carlson. 1991. Indentification and preliminary characterization of white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) vitellogenin mRNA. General and Comparative Endocrinology 83, 415-424.

Bidwell, C.A., C.L. Chrisman, and G.S. Libey. 1985. Polyploidy induced by heat shock in channel catfish. Aquaculture 51, 25-32.

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