What We Do

The mission of the Department of Animal Sciences Ambassador Program is "to promote and serve the Department of Animal Sciences". The Animal Sciences Ambassadors are a selected group of students that represent the Department of Animal Sciences by communicating with potential Animal Science students, alumni, employers, and the public to promote goodwill for the Department and Purdue University.

All Ambassadors are active in many of the Departmental Programs, and serve on one of the following committees:

Outreach - Preview Days & Tours
​​The outreach committee works throughout the year with prospective Purdue Animal Sciences students. Their signature events are the Preview Days where high school students and their families are invited for a day on campus (spring) to learn about the different opportunities ANSC has to offer. Throughout the year they continue to interact with not only students, but also other campus visitors. It's a good way to learn more about everything ANSC has to offer while developing important communication skills.

Boiler Barnyard
Each year, thousands of people visit the Purdue campus to take part in the annual Purdue Springfest. The ANSC Ambassadors are responsible for the department's program and produce the Boiler Barnyard. Arguably the most popular attraction at the entire Springfest. The Boiler Barnyard brings dairy cows, beef cattle, lambs and piglets to campus for two days as part of educational programs focused on food animal production. This is a great opportunity to practice your teaching skills and test your know-how when it comes to animal sciences.

Departmental Relations - Porkpaclypse
This committee is largely responsible for organizing events that allow students and faculty opportunities to interact in less formal environments. One great example is the annual Porkpaclypse​ where faculty compete to see who is the best grill master. Through these and other events, students learn about different research and Extension opportunities and how to get directly involved in high-impact programs.

Alumni Relations
​Purdue Animal Sciences alumni are very proud and eager to interact with current students. This committee is responsible for facilitating those interactions and regularly host alumni for formal and informal events. This is a good opportunity to learn from successful alumni who are very often potential employers.