Todd J. Applegate - Poultry Nutritional Physiology Laboratory


Todd J. Applegate -
Poultry Nutritional Physiology Laboratory


Laboratory Alumni

Post-doctoral Researchers and Visiting Scientists/Scholars

Dr. Mike Persia - Visiting post-doctoral researcher 2005 - Iowa State University faculty

Dr. Edward Onyango - Post-doctoral researcher 2006 - East Tennessee State University faculty
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Dr. Aaron Kiess - Post-doctoral researcher 2007-2008 - Mississippi State University faculty

Carlos Romero - Visiting Scholar 2009 - Departamento de Producción Animal, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Medani Bakheit Abdallh - Visiting Scientist 2009-2010 - University of Khartoum, Sudan faculty lecturer

Mohammed Elfaki - Visiting Scholar 2010


Graduate Students

Kristi Banks (Ondracek) - MS 2003 - University of Phoenix, Merriville, IN
MS thesis: The effect of copper on phosphorus utilization in broiler chicks
Lab publications

Jody Rush - MS 2004 - JBS United - Product manager
MS thesis: Calcium and phosphorus utilization in Pekin ducks
Lab publications

Prassanna Potturi - MS 2004 - Homemaker, GA
MS thesis: The effects of delayed placement on villus characteristics and barrier functions of the small intestine of newly hatched turkeys
Lab publications

Kristi Thompson Baker - PhD 2005 - Elanco - Principal Consultant Regulatory Surveillance and Compliance
PhD dissertation: Influence of feed withdrawal on intestinal characteristics of broilers 
Lab publications

Yanfang Pang - PhD 2006
PhD dissertation: Effects of dietary copper concentration and source on efficacy of phytase, phytate-phosphorus utilization, and intestinal microbiota in the chicken (Gallus domesticus) 
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Darrin Karcher - PhD 2007 - Michigan State University faculty
PhD dissertation: Insulin-like growth factor ontogeny in the avian embryo and hatchling 
Lab publications

Sunday Adetayo (Tayo) Adedokun - PhD 2007 - Post-doctoral researcher at Purdue
PhD dissertation: Standardized amino acid digestibility determination in poultry 
Lab publications

Patrick Michael Banks - MS 2011 - Rose Acre Farm - Nutritionist
MS thesis: Nutrient digestibility of fractionated DDGS for laying hens, turkey poults and broiler chicks

Zhengyu Jiang - PhD 2011 - Fox Chase Cancer Center - Post-doctoral Researcher
PhD dissertation: Gene and expression analysis of secretory mucins and Trefoil Factor(s) in the intestinal mucosa of chicken
Lab publications

Liting (Lily) Xu - MS 2011
MS thesis: Effects of an innate immune challenge on growth, intestinal immunity and function in poultry fed corn naturally-contaminated with deoxynivalenol
Lab publications

Catalina Troche - PhD 2012 - University of Florida - Post-doctoral Researcher
PhD dissertation: Effect of zinc status on intestinal function of the broiler chicken
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