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Liting Xu


Liting (Lilly) Xu


MS Thesis: Effects of an innate immune challenge on growth, intestinal immunity and function in poultry fed corn naturally-contaminated with deoxynivalenol

Liting is from Zhejiang, China. During her undergraduate study in Zhejiang University, China, she had the chance come to Dr. Applegate's lab as an exchange student for 2 months. This experience helped her decision to come to the US and start the spring 2009 semester as a Master's student in Poultry nutrition after receiving her BS in veterinary medicine in Zhejiang University. Now two years has passed, and she is currently finalizing her Master thesis. Her research has focused on the effect of different concentrations of corn naturally contaminated with deoxynivlenol on broiler and turkey performance, intestinal physiology and innate immune system. In addition, she has also worked on measuring the difference of growth recovery after an innate immune challenge between two different broiler strains.


Effects of Corn Naturally Contaminated with Deoxynivalenol on Broiler Performance, Intestinal Physiology and Innate Immune System - Transcript
This video in Chinese - Transcript



Xu, L., S. Eicher, and T.J. Applegate2011Effect of increasing dietary concentrations of corn naturally-contaminated with deoxynivalenol on broiler and turkey poult performance and response to LPSPoult. Sci. 90:2766–2774deoxynivalenol, lipopolysaccharide, broiler, turkey, innate immunity