Todd J. Applegate - Poultry Nutritional Physiology Laboratory

Mike Banks


Patrick Michael Banks


MS Thesis: Nutrient Digestibility of Fractionated DDGS for Laying Hens, Turkey Poults and Broiler Chicks

While growing up in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Mike was always interested in science and the possibility of working with animals. After spending 12 years working in finance, he returned to school and studied Animal Sciences. His track was to work with food production animals and eventually attend vet school. During his sophomore year, Mike was exposed to the poultry industry and caught the research "bug." During the summer of 2007, while attending the Midwest Poultry Consortium at the University of Wisconsin, he took a poultry nutrition course which further focused where he wanted to go with his studies in grad school. Mike received his B.S. from Purdue in May 2008 and that summer was offered and accepted a dual-appointment position in the labs of Dr. Applegate and Dr. Adeola. His research is determining nutrient availability and utilization of new co-products of the ethanol industry. These particular co-products are high protein DDG with and without solubles while the species of focus are laying hens, broiler chicks and turkey poults. Mike plans to take his experience and education and use it in the animal nutrition industry.



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