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Pat Jaynes


Pat Jaynes


Pat Jaynes is a laboratory technician at Purdue University, West Lafayette. Born in Lafayette, Indiana, she received a Bachelor degree in Biology at Purdue in 1986. Mrs. Jaynes earned a Master degree in Early Childhood Education in 1995. Mrs. Jaynes and her husband, Blair are blessed with one daughter, Madison. In 2000, Mrs. Jaynes accepted her current position in Animal Sciences as lab manager of a monogastric nutrition lab with Dr. Todd Applegate and Dr. Layi Adeola. Previously, she worked with Dr. Bill Muir and Dr. John Patterson, both in Animal Sciences.

One of Mrs. Jaynes' greatest rewards in research is sharing joys and tribulations of animal research with graduate and undergraduate students, striving to support students' academic careers by providing a lab environment that focuses on technical training of nutritional analysis and animal trials. Over the past ten years, Mrs. Jaynes has worked with 23 graduate students in earning advanced degrees, 31 undergraduate students, and visiting researchers from Spain, Nigeria, Sudan, and China. Working mostly with chicken and swine, there were over 300 animal trials conducted in the lab.

Many skilled hands and minds make the work go quickly and effectively. With many capable individuals, whose research and work ethic reflects well on the department, Mrs. Jaynes hopes to provide a place to work in cutting edge research that is also a place that supports personal and professional growth.



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