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Zhengyu Jiang


Zhengyu Jiang


PhD Dissertation: Gene and expression analysis of secretory mucins and Trefoil Factor(s) in the intestinal mucosa of chicken

MS Thesis (Nanjing Agricultural University): Influence of exogenous alpha-amylase supplementation on development of digestive organs and enzyme activities of broilers and its carry-over effects

I joined Dr. Applegate's laboratory in August 2007 with a Master's and B.S. degree from Nanjing Agricultural University, China. At Purdue, my primary research interests are secretory mucins in the chicken gut. Specifically, my earlier work has focused on sequencing and temporal-spatial expression analysis of the chicken secretory mucin gene, MUC2. Currently we are investigating causation of alternative splicing events for this gene. Dietary grain-types and phytogenic impact on mucin gene expression and mucin characteristics are also evaluated in my research.



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