Publications - Exhibition & 4-H

Publications - Exhibition & 4-H




County Extension Educators

Below are copies of the forms needed for exhibiting poultry at county fairs in Indiana. The first link provides an overview of what each form is, and which forms are needed for exhibition. Please feel free to download these forms for your use, but check with the Indiana State Poultry Association​ for the most up-to-date forms each year.

Forms for Testing.pdfForms for Testing.pdf

Superintendent's NPIP Form.pdfSuperintendent's NPIP Form.pdf

Superintendent's Address Form.pdfSuperintendent's Address Form.pdf

Exhibitor Form.pdfExhibitor Form.pdf


Exhibition Poultry


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Find Forms for Exhibition in the State of Indiana and Information About Showing Poultry Here!

4-Hers: Don't Forget Your Poultry Health Paper Documentation (VS 9-2 or Exhibitor's Form) for the Show!