Cryo Specimen Preparation

wohlwend HPF
Wohlwend Compact HPF-01 High Pressure Freezer

High-pressure freezing allows for cryo-fixation of biological samples, up to 200µm thickness, from a defined physiological state without prefixation and often without cryo-protectants. This  high pressure freezer, designed by M. Wohlwend GmbH, utilizes liquid nitrogen and high pressure to depress the freezing point of water during the actual freezing process. This results in the formation of vitreous ice that minimizes ice crystal damage to delicate structures during the freezing process.

Leica AFS 2

Leica AFS2 Freeze Substitution Unit

Leica EM AFS2 is capable of freeze substitution and progressive lowering of temperature ( PLT ) techniques as well as allowing low temperature embedding and polymerization of resins. It is fully programmable for multiple users. Nitrogen filling from outside the chamber allows filing during a substitution cycle if necessary.