Digital Measures

Digital Measures is a web-based activity reporting system used to collect and report information about teaching, research and extension accomplishments of faculty, extension specialists and extension educators in an easy-to-use digital format.


The purpose of this site is to provide instruction and support to enter your data for the purposes of annual activity review, updating your web profile, USDA/NIFA annual reporting, and Extension events and activities.

Features and Benefits

• Enter data once and use unlimited times
• Powerful CV-oriented database
• Performance and activity reporting
• USDA/NIFA annual reporting

Putting data in

Digital Measures makes it easy to capture data once and use unlimited times to fulfill all of your reporting needs. When your information isn’t readily available, we miss essential opportunities to promote achievements. Collectively, you help us communicate successes, attract students and funding and create annual reports.

Getting data out

Stories give data character, and powerful data gives stories context. Understanding faculty and extension achievements enable us to promote key successes to the public and stakeholders.